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Isthmus (MuteAnt Sounds)

Recorded mostly at night, "Isthmus" is a collection of strings works.It draws and shapes some unheard lines, explored through a cold light in the background, appearing with a variable length of time "Isthmus" is an in-between area, a chance for coming back into these nonspace of an instrumental practice which sounds as the day-by-day archives of a progressive erasure - this radical reduction making the musical the witness of an experience. Sounding like a surface roughness which moves in the scale of frequencies, letting resonate these strings whose continuously vibrate in the middle of microscopic temporalities, always changing inside an horizon of waiting. Here, every gesture is an exploration: bowing and searching for fiddling sounds are two ways for writing the diary of a dialogue where each movement responds to a sound impulse that seeks to shape the contours of an unbuilt fluidity, moving into the background of hearing (in this absence where the temporality of

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