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Presencia (MuteAnt Sounds)

Looking for an electronic landscape of a continuous breath, of a night that a spectral form will have made its own, "Presencia" is the 360-degree photograph of a burnt mountain, a plan-to-plan reduction of a consumed sound and leaving its mark in the passage of time.
All of Presencia's tracks have been designed in a small space transformed into a Spectral Research Unit.
Stationary frequencies - glimpse of emptiness, internalized gaze towards a sound present designed as a multiple and indistinct chromatic field. Lines, fractals of waiting that push us towards the act of listening - and hearing the rustle of the world before this post-drone landscape.

It’s a bit difficult to sum this interesting album up in just a few a words. A lot of it is peaceful, but there are moments that are a bit more unsettling; “Inspira, Espira” features both elements, with wind sounds mixed with a higher pitched screech like a subway train b…

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