Beyond Forms (MuteAnt Sounds)


In Beyond Forms, sound worlds arise out of an original listening experience.

An experience that conjures up howls and black voids. Drones float in acoustic landscapes where time seems to stretch until it nearly ceases to exist.
Nicolas Tourney gives voice to radical resonances in our world, and, ultimately, the vibrations of absolute sound.

Between electronic abstraction and spectral research, these sixteen tracks are an invitation to go beyond appearances, forms, and names.
The french composer/performer plays on a breath filled with echoes. The listener hears harmonics, rustling frequencies, strings oscillating, intervals made tangible, and subsonic, barely perceptible phrasings that explore the boundaries of sound.

In Beyond Forms, Nicolas Tourney takes us through circular spaces where he attempts to square the circle of resonance.


release date:  December 1st 2020.


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