Playtime (Anticipating Nowhere Records)

Playtime sounds as a collection of landscapes made of microtonal visions, where acoustic phenomena and memory topography shape the listener's perception of music and noise. The tracks presents tones stretched to the point of highlighting microscopic events: the listener is led to witness the moment, to see these intervals between two visions, to inhabit these spaces made of pulsed waves.

Attention and vigilance are placed at the center of the reception of these works, where the interrelation with the listener reveals narrative processes from which emerges a horizon of expectation specific to time. A work centered on the experience of listening in which memory is revealed as an invisible matter made up of particles of which we are barely aware and yet entirely captivated by this absence. We can speak of a search for a minimalism beyond minimalism: the pure perception of intervals here invites us to cross appearances, and draws the outlines of an idiom that questions the boundaries of the audible.

Nicolas Tourney: 1/8 Violin, Viola, Cello, Bowed Piano, Field Recordings, Pure Data System.

Playtime's Cassette Release Date: 22 april 2022 (ANR-046).


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