Lockdown Edition #1 (netwaves)

[nws.bpm058] Lockdown Edition #1 by netwaves

Publication date: 2020-03-19.

It's thursday, so it's time to netwaves; due to the Corona-virus we have no access to our radio station this and next weeks, so we release a few mixes for this time.

This week we serve a mix of some minimalistic poptunes from the parallel universe of free music;our home deejay indip mixed every tune in one mixtape: bon appetit & stay safe!

Netwaves is a weekly radio-broadcast, stream, podcast and a free netlabel compilation. Our live is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium.

Fly netwaves! your weekly trip to the parallel universe of free music >>>

01 Black Drive - Black Soul
02 Cathode - Nicolas Tourney
03 Morning in Brooklyn - Posmoderna
04 Seagulls Our Souls - Jude Cowan Montague
05 Ru Meng Ling Final Master - Miss Melody China
08 Diadalív - Air Protection Office VS anna_ruff
09 Way of the Balogh Masterd - Cabrini Green
10 Oasis - Dominik Vogel
11 Promenade - Nesting Error
12 Seagulls - Massimo Ruberti
13 Stupor - Weldroid & Room of Wires

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